M4016-CS station for the pumping stations control

controlling of pumping stations

Řídící a registrační jednotka M4016-CS

  • Controlling of groups of pumping stations 
  • Operating hours, monitoring of running and failures, stand-in and change
  • Build-in GSM/GPRS+SMS module
  • Monitoring with data transfers GSM/GPRS into a dispatching
  • Wireless SMS communication with a distant water storage tank
  • Warning SMS system
  • Instantaneous flows display
  • Measurement of water level
  • Design for installation inside or outside of a switch board

The unit M4016-CS was developed as a cheaper variation of the unit M4016-G. Units M4016-CS are designed for controlling of pumps in sludge basins. That is why units contain all necessary functions such as control of stand-in in a case of pump failure, warning SMS sending in a case of pumps failure or when the water level is over limited values, etc. 

The only limitation of this telemetric station (against M4016-G) is an inability to register the amount of flowed water, and therefore it can not be used as a flowmeter.

Chart of binary conditions