Evaporation measurement

měření výparu

Evapotranspiration measurement kit with daily transfer data to the server

  • Automatic controlled replenishment and pumping of water
  • Measurement of temperatures, RH, wind speed and direction, global radiation
  • Standard evaporator area 3000 cm2 (EWM and GGI evarimeters)
  • Possibility of further expansion of measured quantities (pH, conductivity, ...)
Výparoměr VYPAR-1200

Stationary evaporimeter class A with an area of 1.14 m2

  • Automatic filling of evaporated water and pumping of excess rainwater
  • The set contains a measuring vessel and control electronics with pumps, a watering can, a level sensor and a solar panel with a battery box
  • Alternatively, the set is offered supplemented by a recording unit H1 or H40