A high-quality meteorological station consists mainly of high-quality, mechanically resistant sensors and subsequent precise, temperature-independent processing of their output signals in the measuring center of the station.

Meteorologická stanice

Measuring stations

Telemetry units M4016, H1 or H7 were developed with regard to their use in the construction of variable meteorological stations. In particular, the M4016 and H7 units contain very precise transducers for measuring sometimes special signals from various types of meteorological sensors. Therefore, practically all commonly available meteorological sensors and transducers can be connected to them.

Meteorologická stanice

Another large number of sensors and measuring probes are usually equipped with one of the digital communication standards (RS485 bus with Modbus RTU or FINET communication protocols, SDI-12 bus), which can also be easily connected to these stations.

The high reliability of these units is also due to their high IP66 and IP67 protection, which enables their use even in climatically unfavorable locations. The units are therefore housed in sealed metal housings fitted with a semi-permeable filter to equalize the atmospheric pressure outside and inside the housing to prevent condensation of water vapor inside the units.

Meteorologická stanice

High number of recording channels

32 recording channels for the M4016 unit and up to 200 recording channels for the H7 station practically do not limit the requirements of even the most demanding user on the number of measured quantities.

Energy efficient operation

Low current consumption, controlled power supply of connected sensors and own control of data transmission to the server via the built-in GSM / GPRS module allow to permanently operate the station with only a small solar panel or completely without external charging with only occasional replacement of the power battery.

Meteorologická staniceMeteorologická stanice

Wide range of professional sensors

When assembling a meteorological station, its future user can choose from a wide range of sensors and measuring probes listed on this website, as well as from the offer of many other reputable manufacturers.

Meteorologická staniceMeteorologická stanice

The limiting factor is usually the price, which for some sensors even exceeds the prices of the measuring control panel itself several times over. That's why many years ago we focused on developing some of our own sensors and sensors to enable users to purchase quality sensors at an affordable price.

Custom weather station 

Due to the actual range of sensors and transducers available, it is difficult to offer a universal weather station. For its future user, it is advantageous to go through the sensors offered on this website and, individually or with our free assistance on tel. No. 386 358 274 or by e-mail info@fiedler.company, to design the optimal set of the meteorological station.

Nevertheless, an example of such a universal meteorological station can be, for example, an assembly composed of the following components:

Example of a universal meteorological station

Measuring panel: unit H7, rent an activated SIM card

Power supply system: maintenance-free gel accumulator 12V / 9Ah, solar panel 10 W with stainless steel holder, RS13 charging controller for solar panel

Mechanical construction: stainless steel mast 3 m with anchorage, booms for mounting sensors

Rainfall measurement: SR03 rain gauge with accessories

Temperature measurement: Pt100-3M temperature sensor (3 pcs), radiation cover RK5

Humidity measurement: RVT11 sensor + RK5 radiation cover

Atmospheric air pressure measurement: ATM11 sensor

Wind measurement: anemometer WS103 + WD360

Measurement of global solar radiation: pyranometer CMP3, connection to TEP06/P

Soil moisture measurement: VIRRIB sensor


The above station design is only indicative and can be further extended, for example, by sensing the water level (hydrostatic sensor TSH22), measuring the soil suction pressure (soil tensiometer with transducer TM4), measuring the temperature gradient in the soil or water tank (transducer TEP06 with sensors Pt100-XM), measuring the heat flow in the soil or building structure (HUKSEFLUX HFP01 sensor with transducer), measuring the conductivity of water (ESV11 sensor), measuring the pH of water (PH485 probe), ...

Meteorologická stanice


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