Flood warning station


  • Simple integration of the station into the warning system of the village
  • Low purchase price and negligible operating costs
  • Level limit and slope alarms
  • Automatic sending of warning SMS
  • Regular data transfer to the server via GSM / GPRS network
  • Access charts via web browser or mobile phone
  • Replying to inquiry SMS
  • Storing data in a database on a server
  • Continuous operation even without mains supply
  • Compact and mechanically resistant design
  • Delivery and installation, including long-term loan of a cost-effective SIM card

The flood warning station is a basic element of the local warning system. The station is built on a telemetry unit M4016-G3 with a built-in GSM / GPRS modem. An immersion pressure or ultrasonic level sensor can be connected to this unit.

The set can be supplemented with a rain gauge, wind speed and direction sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, soil volume humidity and other sensors.

Under normal circumstances, the station continuously measures the level and other set values. When the alarm level is reached (usually 1.SPA), the first warning SMS recipients from the list are automatically sent from the station. The parameters of the station allow to set up to 30 warning SMS not only for various limit levels of the level of the monitored flow, but also for rapid level rise, for torrential rains, for level drops, etc.

The warning system also includes software support on the www.hladiny.cz server, to which data from stations are regularly sent and where weekly graphs and small two-day graphs suitable for display on mobile phone displays are generated. Station administrators have unlimited access to all data, including the station diary, in which, for example, all sent and received SMS are archived.

Stavy řek

SMS alert system

  • Activation of the system of warning SMS messages after reaching the preset level. Possibility of simultaneous setting of several different limit levels.
  • A rapid rise in the water level can cause a warning SMS to be sent before the limit level is reached (gradient alarm).
  • After connecting the rain gauge, the warning SMS can also be activated by torrential or prolonged rain.
  • Adjustable hysteresis and time condition for the duration of the limit value prevent false alarms.
  • Automatic sending of warning SMS to 15 telephone numbers. Recipients can be grouped.
  • In addition to mobile phones, warning messages can also be sent to e-mail addresses or electronic signaling devices.
  • The station can enter the current values ​​in the text of the warning message.
  • The built-in self-diagnostics of the station status alerts you via an SMS message to low battery voltage, failure or renewal of the mains supply voltage, a decrease in the credit of the prepaid SIM card below the set value, a fault in the connected level sensor, etc.
  • The station sends an informative SMS in response to an inquiry SMS from an authorized user of the system or regularly at a set time. The unit's own system time is synchronized according to a time server from the Internet.
  • The content of the automatically sent informative SMS can be compiled in advance (current values, achieved maximum or minimum, trend of decrease or increase, flowed volumes, ...).

Data transfers and data visualization on the server

  • The station regularly sends the measured data to the database on the server via the internal GSM / GPRS modem.
  • After evaluating the alarm condition, it is possible to set more frequent data sending for the duration of the increased level.
  • Along with the measured data, the station's operating log is also transferred to the database on the server (text of received and sent SMS, including telephone numbers of senders and recipients, fault states, outages in external power supply, information on performed data transmissions, etc.).
  • Registered users have the option of viewing the data stored in the database on the server via a standard web browser. Individual users have their access areas separated from each other.
  • Graphs from selected stations can also be made available to unregistered Internet users on the freely accessible server www.hladiny.cz or transmitted to the websites of municipalities and cities.
  • The basic web screen of the water meter station contains, in addition to a statistical overview (current value, achieved maxima and minima), also a graphical representation of the level during the last 7 days with highlighting of individual SPA levels.
  • For more detailed overviews, separate graphs of individual measuring channels as well as historical graphs for any archived month can be called up. Each graph is supplemented by a table of values.
  • A special website displays monthly tables of statistical values ​​(daily lows and highs, elapsed volumes).
  • Data from the database on the server can be exported from the Internet directly to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Acquisition and operating costs

The price for the assembly of a local warning water meter station varies according to the type of sensor and the method of external power supply from EUR 1,800 to CZK 2,400 without VAT.

The server and its software do not need to be purchased, because the station manufacturer provides for a fee of EUR 4/month/station the rental of space on its own server and all related services (data hosting, graphs and tables, sending e-mails, ...) .

The prices of individual components of warning stations are listed in detail in the attached price list.