Measurement of well yield – pumping tests

Measurement of well yield – pumping tests Telemetric stations M4016-G3 with a submersible pressure sensor measure water level in boreholes. The station has everything that is necessary for doing pumping tests in boreholes:

  • Pulse inputs for connection of water-meters with pulse outputs
  • Analogue inputs for connection of flow-meters with current output signal 4-20mA
  • Programmable switching relays for switching pumping devices on and of.

All measured data (including time of switching pumps on or off, capacity of pumped out water) are saved in the unit memory and consequently transferred into the server database via GPRS network.

Function of sending warning SMS messages on pre-set phone numbers can be very useful in a case if one of measured values reaches the limited level. Also it is possible to be warn of low power in the battery, fault of measuring sensor, pump breakdown, etc.