Monitoring of thermal balance in ecological constructions

A very interesting application of the unit M4016 is monitoring the ecologically low-cost school which was build by Czech non-government organization SURYA. This school is build in Indic part of Himalayas, in the highest placed village Kargyak (up on high 4200 meters above sea-level). The school is heated up by solar energy. Our station M4016 measures:

  • 13x air temperature, 2x relative air humidity (external module TEP-08 )
  • global radiance falling on the earth surface (pyranometer CMP 3 made by Kipp & Zonen Company).

Solar school in the Northern Himalayas photography is from the Surya Civic Association web site

It is obvious, that the similar application can be also realised in our climatic conditions for example: during checking the heat cladding in factory buildings or during finding thermal balance of experimental buildings. Suitability of telemetric stations M4016-G3 for this kind of applications is determined by:

  •  possibility to measure up to 32 temperatures
  • universality of inputs for other sensors connection
  • connection of station with Internet
  • distance parameterisation of the station.