TEP06 - converter 6x temperature/RS485

TEP08 externí modul pro měření až 8-mi teplot

Examples of use:

  • Accurate water temperature measurements at various depths
  • Accurate soil temperature measurements
  • Accurate measurements of multiple temperatures in meteorological stations
  • Accurate measurements within research and development projects
  • Temperature measurement in construction
  • Temperature measurement in industrial applications

TEP06 Převodník teplota na RS485

Basic description of the TEP06 converter

The measuring transducer type TEP06 is suitable for very accurate measurement of up to six temperatures using standard and widely used Pt100 sensors. These temperature sensors can either be part of the delivery of the transmitter, where they are firmly and inseparably connected to the transmitter (TEP06) with cables in the required lengths, or the customer connects them to the terminals located on the transmitter (TEP06/S).

The TEP06 transmitter, including the cable termination of the sensors, is encapsulated in a protective polyurethane material. This mechanical design even allows continuous operation of the transmitter immersed in water. The cable length to the individual Pt100-XM temperature sensors must therefore be specified when ordering the transmitter. The maximum length of one cable can be up to 100 m. Temperature sensors are connected to the transmitters in four wires and therefore the length of the cable does not affect the accuracy of measurement


The TEP06 converter communicates with the connected recording unit (M4016, H1, H7, H40 or STELA) via the RS485 bus under the FINET protocol (Modbus RTU). The converter is also powered from the connected unit via the same communication cable.

If it is necessary to measure more than 6 temperatures, then a larger number of TEP06 converters can be connected to one recording unit via the RS485 bus. The transmitters are delivered with a preset communication address 4 as standard.

Internal measuring channels 1 to 6 are assigned to the connected Pt100 temperature sensors.

Mechanical design of the TEP06 module

The fixed connection of the sensors to the module ensures reliable temperature measurement even if the module is permanently immersed in water or is located in a permanently humid environment. The entire module, including the cables connected to the sensors, is treated against moisture by pouring it into polyurethane material. The cable length to the individual sensors must be specified when ordering the module. The maximum length of one cable is up to 100 m.

TEP06 Převodník teplota na RS485

Mechanical design of the TEP06/S module

The terminals located on the body of the TEP06/S module allow the operator to connect his own Pt100 temperature sensors.


As shown and as shown in the following figure, the sensors are connected in four wires. For Pt100-XM sensors, the terminals connected together on one side of the sensor are marked b (white) and h (brown). The other side of the sensor has terminals marked z (green) and ž (yellow).



Temperature measurement accuracy

Both TEP06 and TEP06/S transmitters are characterized by very high measurement accuracy. A typical measurement error in the range from -30 °C to + 50 °C does not exceed 0.1 °C. This accuracy was achieved by using Pt100 class A temperature sensors and a unique connection of measuring electronics in the transducer body, where each measurement is supported by a very stable resistor with a temperature drift of only 5 ppm (on request the module can be equipped with a reference resistor with Tk <1 ppm).

The software of the converter, which contains a digital filter, also contributes to the high accuracy. It eliminates possible noise-laden individual measurements and performs averaging.

Because the data transfer from TEP06 to the connected recording unit M4016, H1, H2, H7, H40 or STELA takes place numerically via the RS485 bus, the connected unit can no longer distort the measured temperature values.

Resolution of measured temperature

The usual resolution setting for temperature measurement is 0.1 °C (one decimal place). If a higher measurement sensitivity is required, archived channels can be stored with a resolution of 2 to 3 decimal places (0.01 °C or 0.001 °C).


Note on setting the recording channel of the connected unit:

When setting the recording channel resolution of the connected M4016, H1, H40 or STELA unit, keep in mind the maximum temperature range that can be used in the recording units for that resolution. The lowest temperature range from -32,500 °C to +32,500 °C applies to a set resolution of 0.001 °C (eg for a set resolution of 0.1 °C, a temperature range from -3,250.0 °C to +3,250.0 °C can be used).

The range limitation is related to the format of the archived data in the connected recording unit, which uses a 16-bit word. The TEP06 converter itself does not have this limitation and the data is transferred to the recording unit in a long unlimited format.

The meaning of other parameters of the connected recording unit important for the correct archiving of data from the TEP06 converter (TEP06 / S) is always described in detail in the relevant user manual of the specific recording unit. 

Measurement range from -50 °C to +100 °C (+500 °C)

As standard, the TEP06 (TEP06/S) transmitters are used for environmental monitoring, such as measuring the temperature of water reservoirs and lakes at various depths, measuring the air temperature, soil, etc. The maximum temperature range of the TEP06 (TEP06/S) converter is therefore measurement accuracy set to +100 °C. The negative temperature range is not limited, only for temperatures below -50° C the accuracy and resolution of the transmitter decreases somewhat.

For some temperature measurements, the maximum range of +100 °C may not be suitable (temperature monitoring in landfills, mines, etc.). In such cases, the TEP06/S transmitter can be supplied with an extended temperature range from -50 °C to +500 °C at the cost of reducing the measurement accuracy (typical measurement error is less than ± 1 °C in the entire measuring range).

The operating temperature of the TEP06 transmitter itself should not fall below -40 °C and should not exceed +70 °C.


Color marking and connection of output cable cores:


Kabel zapojení


Heat flux measurement

Some applications may require, in addition to temperature measurement, heat flow measurement through the soil, building structure, etc. The TEP06 (TEP06/S) transmitter can have a selected number of inputs set to measure heat flow using HUKSEFLUX sensors. The request for setting the inputs must be entered when ordering the converter.

Snímač tepelného toku Hukseflux HFP01


Basic technical parameters

Number of measuring inputs6 measuring channels K1 to K6
Temperature sensor typePt100 class A, four-wire connection
Maximum cable length100 m
Measuring range-50 °C to +100° C (on request up to +500 °C)
Resolution0,002 °C
Converter measurement errortyp ±0,01 °C, max ±0,1 °C for range -50 až +100 °C; typ ±0,05 °C, max ±1,0 °C for range -50 až +500 °C
Measurement error including connected Pt100-A sensortyp 0,15+0,001*t [°C], max 0,25+0,002*t [°C]
Communication protocolsFINET (Modbus RTU)
Range of adjustable addresses2 to 250
Measurement time / channel<0,3 sec
Output cable4-core PUR cable 1 to 100 m (standard 5 m)
Output cable diameter4 mm
Variant connector connectionM12 circular connector, 4 pins
Mechanical dimensions90 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight (without cables and sensors) 350 g
MateriálABS, PUR
Operating temperature-40 to +70 °C
TEP06 converter coverIP68
Price list