DUP - holders for Parshall flumes

Very stable stainless steel holders for ultrasonic level meters designed for installation above Parshall flumes.

Držák ultrazvukové sondy pro Parshallův žlab velikosti 1 - 3

Parshall flumes are available from the smallest size P1 to the largest P9. Holders graduated in size from the smallest DUP1 to the largest DUP9 also meet these standards.

The holder is fastened with self-tapping stainless steel screws (included in the delivery) directly to the upper polypropylene gutter plate. When installing the holder, it is important to keep the defined distance of the axis of the ultrasonic level sensor from the mouth of the trough:


Parshall's flumeHolder DUPInstallation distance in front of the neck
P1DUP1300 mm
P2DUP2340 mm
P3DUP3390 mm
P4DUP4530 mm
P5DUP5750 mm
P6DUP61200 mm
P7DUP71300 mm
P8DUP81350 mm
P9DUP91500 mm

The spacing of the holes in the upper horizontal arm of the holder (100 mm) allows fast and fixed installation of ultrasonic level meters type US1200, US3200 and possibly also US4200. The axis of the level meter used can be precisely adjusted to a vertical position in this holder by means of a cross-adjusting mechanism.

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