Q2 / KDO - Speed flow meter

Q2/KDO Flow Meter

Flow velocity measurement by Doppler method

KDO sensors sense the flow rate of the liquid and thus, in conjunction with the sophisticated software of the Q2 / KDO unit, enable a modern way of measuring the water flow in open profiles or in pipes without the need to build a measuring trough or overflow. Měření průtoku Q2/KDO Dopplerovou metodou

Flowmeter characteristics

  • High range of flow velocity measurement in both directions up to ± 6 m/s
  • Design of a flow meter for installation in the open level and in the pipe wall
  • The aerodynamic shape of the speed probe minimally disturbs the flow
  • No mechanically moving parts
  • A particularly advantageous assembly of a flow meter in places without existing or hydraulically unsatisfactory measuring profiles
  • Telemetry unit with automatic transfer of data to the database on the server
  • Rich software support on the server (graphic and tabular visualizations, prints of monthly balances, ...)
  • Easy extension of the flow meter by measuring other quantities (levels, pressures, temperatures, ...)
  • Built-in PLC automat for control of smaller WWTPs, CS, etc.
  • Flowmeter parameters configurable via the Internet
The Q2 / KDO unit in the KDO flowmeter mode calculates the instantaneous flow as a multiple of the cross-sectional velocity and the size of the cross-sectional area. The size of the cross-sectional area is calculated on the basis of the measured level height (H) by the selected calculation method or the level-area table.

The intelligent KDO flow rate sensor from the German company NIVUS GmbH works on the Doppler principle and is supplied in a mechanical design for mounting on the bottom of the gutter (KDO/S) or in the pipe wall (KDO/P).

The sensor emits a series of ultrasonic pulses into the measured medium at an angle of 45 ° and evaluates the flow velocity based on the measurement of the frequency shift of the signal reflected from the particles entrained by the flow. This measuring method also makes it possible to measure the backflow speed and can be used up to a maximum speed of 6 m/sec.

The sensor includes a 30 m long cable, after which the sensor is powered from the Q2/KDO unit and after which data communication also takes place via the RS485 interface under the MODBUS RTU protocol. If required, this cable can be extended to a distance of up to 120 m.


Examples of using a KDO flow meter

The KDO sensor offers a modern way of measuring the flow of water in pipes or in open profiles without the need to build a measuring trough or overflow. In conjunction with the G2-G / KDO telemetry unit, which can automatically transfer the measured data to the database on the server, it forms a report with great utility value. It can be used especially in:

  • Measurement of wastewater flow at WWTPs and industrial plants.
  • Monitoring of flows of smaller streams and rivers and everywhere where it is not possible to build specific profiles due to narrowing of the flow profile or insufficient height difference.

Selected SW functions of the registration unit Q2-G / KDO

  • Temperature correction of the fluid velocity according to its temperature.
  • Calculation and archiving of instantaneous and accumulated flow. When measuring in an open channel, the measured level and temperature can also be recorded separately.
  • Recording of error messages from the sensor and sending of SMS notifications to the station diary.
  • Monitoring of other connected technology - the Q2 / KDO unit contains 16 recording channels for measuring flows, levels and other quantities.
  • Automatic transmission of measured data to the server at set times, transition to more frequent data transmissions after evaluation of the alarm condition.
  • Parameterization via the server, including saving changes in settings, adjusting the station time according to the server.

Dimensions of KDO sensors

KDO/S sensor for free levels - location on the bottom of the sewer:
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