H3, H7 - Multichannel recording and control units

Universal multi-channel measuring and recording unit for data collection and control of connected technology - GSM / GPRS (Wi-Fi) Data Logger.

The unit is suitable not only for monitoring and control of water supply equipment such as reservoirs, pumping stations, transfer, measuring shafts, water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, but also for environmental monitoring and wherever high reliability and measurement accuracy, low current consumption and automatic transfer of measured data to the database on the server.

H7 GPRS data Logger telemetrická stanice Průtokoměr


  • Up to 96 measuring recording channels
  • Current, voltage, pulse, SDI-12 and 2 RS485 buses for connection of level, flow, volume, temperature, humidity, pH, redox, disconnect sensors. oxygen, conductivity, pressure, rainfall, current, voltage, pulses, radiation and many other physical quantities.
  • Calculation functions between channels (sums, differences, moving sums, ...).
  • A pair of controlled power supplies for connected power sensors with adjustable voltage from 6V to 16V saves energy from the power supply when measuring in the field.
  • Datalogger function - measurement and recording in an adjustable interval from 1 s to 24 h separately for each recording channel.
  • A separate counter for evaluating the total precipitation from the beginning of the rain.
  • Up to 208 two-state input-output recording channels for monitoring the operation and faults of pumps, blowers, inputs to the building and for controlling the connected relays, logic functions AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR above the channels.
  • Technology control using 4 controllers with operating mode selection: Hysteresis, PID, pulse valve, up to 16 binary and 4 analog inputs can be assigned to each controller.
  • Encrypted data transmissions to the server via the internal GSM / GPRS module or via the Wi-Fi module, both for the measured data and for parameters and commands.
  • Direct GPRS communication between stations
  • Graphs, tables, overview monthly reports, ...
  • Warning SMS system activated by limit and gradient alarms, binary channel switching, ... Home alarm function - exit and arrival delay
  • Optional radio communication module for data collection from wireless sensors.
  • Self-diagnostics connected to the sending of warning SMS and data server (current taken by connected sensors, humidity and temperature inside the device, voltage and remaining battery capacity, ...).
  • Wide modularity of power supply methods from an external 12V battery (with / without solar panel) to a 24 VDC or 230 VAC mains supply.
  • The modernly designed station with very low self-current consumption allows up to 6 months of operation without battery replacement during the daily transfer of measured data to the database to the server via the GPRS network.
  • Intuitive operation and clear MENU, various language versions, color graphic touch screen, keyboard.
  • Robust metal casting with high IP67 protection.

Examples of use

  • Management and monitoring of water supply facilities
  • Technological process control - PLC
  • Measurement of flows and levels
  • Monitoring of water quality parameters
  • Acquisition and data collection in the field - GPRS datalogger, telemetry station
  • Limnographic stations and local warning systems (LWS)
  • Meteorological stations
  • Remote meter readings
  • Wireless data concentrators

Basic description

High durability and operational reliability were the decisive criteria in the development of the new H7 telemetry and control unit. For these reasons, the unit is housed in a rugged cast aluminum along with a backup power supply battery and input terminals for connecting sensors and transducers. High IP67 protection also has a USB connector and built-in GSM / GPRS or Wi-Fi communication module (for H7-G or H7-W telemetry stations).

Datalogger H7 contains many above-standard self-diagnostic procedures from measuring humidity inside the device through various control channels monitoring voltages and currents flowing to connected sensors and sensors, to integrative measurement of energy consumed from the battery.

H7 GPRS data Logger telemetrická stanice Průtokoměr

The large color touch screen and fingerboard keyboard together with the clear MENU contribute to easy intuitive operation of the device.

Several variants of lockable cabinets are available for the installation of the H7 unit in the field, including mounting brackets and masts.


Datahosting FIEDLER


Telemetry stations H7-G, H7-W use data hosting set up on the manufacturer's server. The user does not have to set up his own server or ensure its operation and maintenance. Authorized users can access the data stored on the server at any time via a standard web browser.

In addition to graphical and tabular visualization, the server also enables statistical calculations of balance flows, searching for limit values, data exports in several formats to FTP servers or to the PC of a logged-in client, printing monthly balance reports, sending e-mails and some other functions.

Basic functions and features

Analog recording channels - datalogger function

Up to 96 analog channels for recording the value of the measured quantity. Each channel can be set with its specific name, number of decimal places for archiving, measurement method, limit values ​​for alarms and many other parameters.

There are preset units for level, flow, volume, temperature, RH, pH, redox, diss. oxygen, conductivity, pressure, rainfall, current, voltage, pulses, radiation and other physical quantities. The measurement is performed by an accurate 24-bit converter, adjustable resolution of the measured quantity: 0 to 3 decimal places.

The archiving interval is adjustable from 1 s to 24 h separately for each recording channel. Datalogger H7 supports the transition to more frequent measurements and recording of selected quantities after exceeding a limit value (limit alarm) or after a quick change of value (gradient alarm) and also allows to set delayed measurements for sensors that require a longer rise time from power on.

Binary recording channels

Datalogger H7 contains up to 208 binary channels. Each channel is configurable as a binary input or binary output (ON / OFF).
The input binary channel records the moment of switching on and off of the input with a time resolution of 1 s (runs and faults, security vol., ...). Output binary channels allow to command relays based on logic functions with other binary channels (AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR).

Text channel - diary of events

Sending data to the server, texts and phone numbers of received and sent SMS, faults of connected sensors, power failures, ...

Unit control and above-standard functions

  • Clear intuitive MENU - several language versions
  • Choice of different types of single-channel and multi-channel graphs
  • Overview graphs from archived values
  • Search for daily lows, highs and elapsed volumes
  • Computational functions over measuring channels (sum, moving sum or average, difference, trend, correction by 2nd order polynomial) with output to a separate channel and to SMS
  • Control of the sampling device in 4 operating modes
  • Limit and gradient alarms for each analog channel.

Recording and monitoring of pulse water meters flow

  • 64 recording channels with support for calculation and archiving of daily, monthly and annual flow volumes.
  • Calculation of instantaneous flow from pulses (REED and OPTO sensors).

Flow measurement in open profiles

  • 4 recording channels for measuring and calculating flows and flow volumes using consumption equations.
  • Preset 16 equations for the most common Parshall troughs and specific overflows. User-adjustable parameters of the general consumption equation also for compound gutters and tabular input Q = f (H).
  • Each flow meter is assigned a counter of operating hours and the total time of non-functional flow measurement (time in fault).


  • Limit, time and logic control of own and external relays
  • 4 adjustable controllers with mode selection - PID or hysteresis controller, pulse valve.
  • Recording the status of the controller in a binary channel.
  • Interlock and shift function for controlling two or three pumps.
  • Parameters for control of own and external 4-20 mA output loops.

GPRS (telemetry station)

  • Automatic sending of data to the server at regular intervals.
  • Switch to more frequent transmissions after evaluation of the alarm condition.
  • Sending data directly to email or FTP server (daily reports)
  • Direct GPRS communication between stations
  • Universal command (XML, JSON, etc.).
  • Symmetric cipher for transmitted files (commands and data)
  • H7 parameterization and FW upgrade via server. Backup of current parameter files on the server.

System of warning, informative and control SMS:

  • Telephone directory for 48 recipients, grouping into 3 groups.
  • 48 adjustable warning SMS messages (any text, automatic insertion of the current value, various trigger conditions including their duration, hysteresis, ...).
  • Informative SMS compiled on the basis of a command line or query SMS (actual values, max, min, balance, operating hours, ...).
  • Command SMS for control and simulation of outputs (binary and analog), setting of selected coefficients and parameters, forced sending of data to the server, ...).

H7 GPRS data Logger telemetrická stanice Průtokoměr

Terminal boards

Terminal board TA4

Connection board for universal use of GPRS Data Logger H7 for monitoring and measurement. The board contains terminals for connecting a maintenance-free 12 V / 7 to 45 Ah lead-acid battery and terminals for connecting an external 13.8 V power supply.


  • AIN1-AIN6: combined Digital-Analog Inputs (digital DCL, current 4 (0) -20 mA, 1 (0) -5 mA)
  • AIN7, AIN8: voltage inputs 0-2.5 V, one differential input
  • PIN1-PIN6: pulse-binary inputs (OPTO or READ sensors from water meters, relay contacts, sensors with open collector)
  • SDI-12: connection of measuring probes and sensors
  • RS485-I, RS485-II: two independent serial buses for connection of measuring probes and expansion modules under the FINET, MODBUS RTU protocol, ...


  • Two standard relays, switching contact 250 V / 5 A

Přípojná deska k H7



Internal terminal board TBx:

This terminal board is available in three versions TB1 to TB3, which differ from each other by the type of supply voltage and the presence of 4-20 mA current outputs. This type of board is designed mainly for H3, H7 units powered from an external power supply (24 VDC or 230 V AC) and for controlling the connected technology.

TBx boards are designed for placement in an aluminum box together with its own unit H3, H7, which guarantees high IP67 protection. The box is equipped with 5 metal cable glands for connecting measuring probes and sensors or controlled technology and external power supply.

Terminal board TB1: Power supply from a 12V battery, terminals for connecting an external power supply 14 to 28 VDC - for example connecting a 12V solar panel. The board does not contain analog current outputs 4-20 mA.

Terminal board TB2: Power supply from an external source of 14 to 28 VDC, rechargeable Li-Pol battery integrated on the board for several hours of external supply voltage tripping.

Terminal board TB3: Power supply from an external 230 VAC source, a rechargeable Li-Pol battery integrated on the board for several hours of external supply voltage tripping.

TBx terminal board inputs:

  • AIN1-AIN4: combined Digital-Analog Inputs (digital DCL, current 4 (0) -20 mA, 1 (0) -5 mA)
  • PIN1-PIN4: pulse-binary inputs (OPTO or READ sensors for water meters, relay contacts, sensors with open collector)
  • RS485-I, RS485-II: two independent serial buses for connection of measuring probes and expansion modules under the FINET, MODBUS RTU protocol, ...

Outputs of TBx terminal boards:

  • Two standard relays, switching contact 250 V / 5 A
  • Two solid state relays 12 V / 2 A for direct switching of solenoid valves, heating circuits, other power relays, etc.
  • Two active 4-20mA current outputs galvanically separated from the supply voltage (TB2 and TB3 only)

 Interní přípojná deska IPD



 Optional mounting accessories

        Kryt pro multiparametrickou jednotku H7        

The KR2-V stainless steel mounting bracket also forms a cover for the H7 telemetry unit-datalogger from rain and sunlight. The bracket is attached to the vertical support structure using one 1.5 ”, 2” or 2.5 ”bracket.

Montážní kryt KR2 pro H7

A KR2-H mounting bracket adapted for horizontal support is also available.

Basic technical parameters
Záznamové kanály96 analogových, 208 binárních, 1 textový
Kapacita datové paměti6MB, až 1 mil. měřených hodnot
Typ datové pamětiFLASH, nevyžaduje trvalou přítomnost napětí
Rozlišení pro archivaciaž ±500 milionů, 0-4 desetinná místa
Hodiny reálného časuprůběžná synchronizace přes GPRS
DisplejRGB, velikost 3,5”, rozlišení 320x240 px.
Klávesnice8 hmatníků, mechanická odezva stisku
Volitelný systém napájeníInterní Li-Ion baterie, ext. akumulátor 12V, externí napětí 14-24 V DC nebo 230V/50 Hz, solární panel
Doba provozu z externího akumulátorutýden až rok podle typu a počtu připojených senzorů a četnosti datových GPRS relací
Řízené napájení připojených čidel2 sekce 6 až 18 V DC
Trvalé napájení pro OPTO snímače4 V DC
GSM/GPRS modulduální, GPRS Class 12,vestavný IP67
Radiový modulfrekv. pásmo 868 MHz, dosah až 300 m
Pracovní teplotní rozsah-30 až +60 °C
Rozměry (v x š x h)130 x 160 x 85 mm
Hmotnost1480 g
KrytíIP67, robustní kovový odlitek
Price list