H12 - Hydro Meter for wireless meter, GSM/GPRS or NB-IoT

Smart metering module for wireless meter readings

  • Smart metering modul pro bezdrátové odečty měřidelOptimized for wireless reading from the electronic meter iPERL ™
  • Reliable digital reading of data directly from the meter
  • Indication of backflow and indication of absence of medium
  • Emergency detection and recording
  • Daily interval readings
  • GPRS (H12-G) or NB-IoT (H12-N)
  • Local NFC communication (phone, tablet)
  • Mechanically resistant design, high IP67 protection, non-corrosive materials, self-diagnostic functions
  • Partnership with meter manufacturers
  • Secure communication

Basic description

The Hydro Meter H12 module is a wireless module used for remote readings of electronic water meters in smart metering networks with support for the SensusRF radio protocol at frequencies of 433 and 868 MHz. In addition to the counter status, the H12 module also monitors emergencies, such as backflow, sensor disconnection from the meter, exceeding set limits, etc. Hydro Meter H12 allows users online access to current and historical consumption at individual consumption points and monitoring of emergencies almost in real time.


Price list