Smart Metering - remote meter readings

Hydro Meter H11 - vzdálené odečty vodoměrů

Smart metering module for remote water meter readings

  • The module can be connected to any meter with pulse output
  • GPRS or NB-IoT communication for data transfer to the server, local NFC communication
  • Support for data processing on the server (monthly and annual reports, ...)
  • Emergency detection and recording (backflow indication, night minimum exceeded, ...)



H12 dálkové odečty měřidel

Smart metering module for wireless meter readings

  • Optimized for wireless reading from the electronic meter iPERL ™
  • GPRS (H12-G) or NB-IoT (H12-N)
  • Daily interval readings

Optical and inductive sensors for water meters and electricity meters

  • Optical and infectious sensors for water meters with their own battery and external power supply
  • Pulse output with defined pulse weight
  • Digital RS485 output with the possibility of switching multiple sensors into one network
  • Converter for remote meter readingsOptické a indukční snímače k vodoměrům a elektroměrům