Data packages for H531-G

Datahosting H531 GSM 1D2Y 

Two-year data package GSM / GPRS without SMS, transmissions once a day between H531-G and server, data hosting

Datahosting H531 GSM 1D2Y

Five-year GSM / GPRS data package without SMS, transmissions once a day between the H531-G and the server, data hosting



Packages include:

SIM activation:

One-time activation of the SIM from O2 with the M2M tariff and its subsequent loan for the duration of the package.

SIM operating costs:

Costs for data sessions between the device and the server in the GSM / GPRS network up to a data volume of 1 MB of data / month, without SMS.

Data hosting services:

Receipt of transmitted data from the device and their archiving in a cloud database, graphical and tabular display of measured data, the ability for the user to export measured data from the server to the user's PC.

SIM costs and data hosting services are guaranteed for the duration of the data package.


Data sessions between the device and the server are allowed once a day. The time of the data session is user-adjustable.

The price advantage for data hosting services within a data package applies to the first three packages used in parallel by one customer.

Method of invoicing

Invoicing is possible at the same time as the purchase of the H531-G level meter or regularly in the interval given by the length of the purchased package - automatic extension of the package.

The cost of the first one-time activation of the SIM card is included in the price of the data package.



Price list